Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am a CT

I have recently become a CT for Alexis Designs! I am so excited! I love her designs. My name Title is from her kit Sweet Victorian Violetts. You can see her intire store at

It is just simply amazing! Here is a few layouts that I have done with her kits!

This one was done with her Shabby Starters Kit Found here

Both these two were done with the Sweer Victorian Violettes Found here

Like I said before I just love her kits they are just amazing and if you don't have any of her kits then "You Don't Know What You Are Missing"

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  1. Sami,
    I will help you in anyway you need...I cried trying to figure out blogging just 2 short years ago. I now have 3! lol so I'm here to help! :)